The Podcast For Profit And Authority Academy Will Open May 5th, 2015 
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Pre-Launch Special - $200 Off

Join Before Tuesday, May 5th At Midnight Eastern

Learn How to Use Podcasting To Grow Your Business And Your Authority In 8 Moduals

1) Creating The Show That Is Right For You And Your Audience

Before you begin you need to know what your audience needs, what you have to offer, and how to construct a podcast that will serve them.

2) Content Creation

Most podcast training misses this part but for me it is the most important. If you don't have valuable content it doesn't matter how many people find your podcast because they will not come back for more.

3) How To Record Your Podcast

I have created videos recorded from my computer desktop showing you in detail how to record and edit an individual episode.

4) How To Manage Distribution

Once you have recorded a show you have to follow a process so others can listen to it. I have created videos of my computer desktop showing you how to store your audios, upload them on your website, embed them in Facebook, and then make them available in iTunes.

5) Launching Your Podcast

Now that the backend is up and running there are number of things that you can do to start to get your podcast traction.

6) Marketing Your Podcast

Once your podcast is launched this module will teach you how to create an ongoing marketing plan to keep growing your podcast audience.

7) Grow Your Business And Reputation

Just having a good podcast isn't enough. In this module you will learn how to leverage your podcast over the long haul to grow your business and reputation.

8) Funding Your Podcast

In addition to using your podcast to help you grow your business, your podcast can be a source of income in itself through crowdfunding and sponsorship. This isn't right for every podcast. In this module we explore the options to see if it could work for you.

Pre-Launch Special - $200 Off

Join Before Tuesday, May 5th At Midnight Eastern

Lifetime Membership

The tricky thing about learning technology is that it is constantly changing. As a member of the Podcasting For Profit and Authority Academy you will have lifetime access to the resources.

As technology, software, and trends change I will be updating the resources so that you will always have the latest and greatest information. I will be walking with you the whole time.

Pre-Launch Special - $200 Off

Join Before Tuesday, May 5th At Midnight Eastern